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Month: June 2019

Things You Need To Consider When Choosing the Right Motorcycle Dealership

There is no doubt that it is safe and secure to purchase a motorcycle from an authorized motorcycle dealer. You will receive the support of the manufactures recommended warranty and including any extended warranty offered by the dealer themselves. Parts and labour are covered for the recommended warranty period should any problems in workmanship arise.

Choosing where to purchase your motorcycle from may not seem such a difficult task and your first choice would understandably be your local motorcycle shop. It is close to your home or work, in a convenient location and easy to get to. However, purchasing a motorcycle also depends on the type of value you are receiving. Nobody wants to pay top dollar regardless how convenient a dealer is positioned. Service is also a main priority when it comes to choosing the right dealer for your purchase, if the customer service isn’t there, then it may not be worth the hassle.

Everybody is different and there is no one dealer fits all. We understand that a salesman is there to ultimately convert you to purchase a motorcycle from their dealer. Some salesman are pushy and can treat you differently if you are not ready to make a purchase and how you are treated can make a sale or force you to find another motorcycle dealer. Motorcycles aren’t cheap and are a significant investment to any individual, so you would like the knowledge of a salesman that can show you the right bike to match your needs. Motorcycle transport is not as simple as car transport. Your ride level influences everything on the road, including your safety. A good salesman would ask you about the one you interested in, be knowledgeable to demonstrate the technology advancements, would ask your experience level and try to find the most suitable motorcycle for you. He will not hesitate to give you some options before you decide to buy one.

Buying a motorcycle from the right dealer would mean the after sale service should be better than the sales experience. Any concerns to the performance of your vehicle should be investigated and explained without technical jargon. Services costs should be consistent and transparent from the beginning. You can shop around first to find a better rate. Motorcycle transport could be more expensive than a car in some countries. Therefore, the insurance and guarantee delivery date should also be considered.

In conclusion, buying a motorcycle is a huge investment and you should be the one who dictates where and when you decide to make the purchase. It is great to take everything into consideration, it is not always about getting the best price for your bike, the value that the dealership will bring to you plays a significant part on whether they get your sale. You should conduct your own research on the recommended dealerships around you. Make a list of pros and cons that you will have from each dealership.