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Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycles are an enjoyment and also highly engineered piece of machinery. Even though you already respect it and treat it well, it still needs some sort of maintenance to keep it performing at its best for years to come. If you are a beginner, do not worry if you cannot do all the mechanical tasks that a proper motorcycle service center provides, here we will show you how to carry out motorcycle maintenance basics for beginners who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Following these tips and you will be well on your way to giving your motorcycle that extra tune up it deserves. 

Break-In Period

The most crucial period is called the Break-in period. This is a period of the first 1000 km. The machine would run and wear itself to adjusting an operating style. Do not try to test the performance in this period, the motorcycle should be nurtured as components adjust comfortably in the bike after it has been manufactured. It does not matter if you want to ride your motorcycle in various conditions after this period has passed. All of it is important for your motorcycle maintenance. The bike’s engine function should have less friction after this point and no longer at risk of premature wear and tear.

Tire Pressure

Under inflated or over inflated tires can contribute to poor mileage, performance and safety. Ensure to have the recommended inflated tire pressure for optimum performance and do so when the tires are cold. This is because an accurate air pressure reading can only be achieved in this condition. What would happen when tires are warm is that air pressure increases, so when checking your tires at a gas station, you may not be aware that your tires temperature has increased significantly during the short ride to the destination.

Warming Engine

It is not recommended to rev the engine when cold to allow the engine oil to heat up to the right viscosity. The correct procedure is to idle the engine after it has been cranked, leave it for 30 seconds before riding. To reduce engine wear, ensure you do not ride the motorcycle when the engine has not been warmed up.

Chain Maintenance

The drive chain on your motorcycle is the link that transfers the generated power from your engine to the wheels. The chain goes through a lot and a small issue with the chain can immobilize your bike and the need for motorcycle transport to the mechanics will be necessary. Inspect the chain regularly lubricate with quality chain lubricant to ensure smooth operation and less stress is put on the sprockets. If there are signs of excessive wear, replace with a quality chain created from heat treated high carbon steel components.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs should be replaced every 20,000kms for most modern motorcycles and inspected every 5,000kms. Some of the signs that would indicate early replacements are rattling noises, rough engine running or idling, misfires and difficulty in starting, poor performance and increased fuel consumption. Check the color of the spark plugs, the normal color is tan or light brown. Therefore, if you see a dark or black colored plug tip it means your engine contains a weak spark or overly rich fuel mixture which could be caused by a leaking injector or carburetor valve. A plug with a white tip means something is making it run too hot, check for cooling issues that could cause your bike to be heating up.

More tips to consider about motorcycle maintenance are check oil and fluid levels, cleaning the air filter and ensure brakes are functioning adequately. Understand more on your engine, and keep the battery free of corrosion. Remember to perform checks and service your motorcycle regularly.